Lemon syrup and yogurt Gluten-free cake recipe

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gluten free cake recipe

Lemon syrup and yogurt Gluten-free cake recipe:

This Lemon syrup and yogurt Gluten-free cake recipe is an ultimate party dessert. You can literally make this Lemon syrup and yogurt Gluten-free cake with ingredients from your pantry, no need to purchase any special ingredients. So should we start baking??

Prep Time: 15mins
Cooking Time: 40mins
Total: 50-55mins

INGREDIENTS for Lemon syrup and yogurt Gluten-free cake recipe:

Gluten-Free all-purpose flour: 1 1/2 cup
Baking Powder: 1 teaspoon
Baking Soda: 1/2 teaspoon (optional)
Eggs: 2 (whites) (If you want to make this eggless, skip the eggs. The cake won’t be as fluffy but will taste equally great)
Thick Yogurt: 1 cup
Oil: 1/4 cup
Lemon Zest: 1 tablespoon
Lemon juice: 1/2 cup
Apple cider vinegar: 1 teaspoon
Pure Vanilla Extract: a few drops
Castor Sugar:1/2 cup
Milk: 1/2 cup

Lemon syrup: INGREDIENTS

Lemon juice: 1/4 cup
Castor Sugar: 1/2 cup
Orange Zest: 1/2 tablespoon

Lemon syrup and yogurt Gluten

1. Pre-heat the oven to 180*C. Line a 9″ cake pan with parchment paper
2. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking soda, baking powder, and lemon zest
3. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites till the whites become frothy, add the vegetable oil and sugar.
4. Beat in the Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and lemon juice. Add the apple cider vinegar.
5. Add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients in three batches, alternating with milk. Use a spatula to fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. Do not over mix.
6. Transfer the batter into the prepared cake pan. Bake at 180*C for 35-40 minutes. (Every oven behaves differently so keep an eye on your cake, some ovens may take longer than 40 mins to bake this cake)

Lemon Syrup:
In a small pan, pour the lemon juice. Add the castor sugar.
Let the sugar dissolve properly.
Cook for some time, till the syrup becomes a bit thick. It won’t thicken much.
Your lemon syrup is ready. Add the orange zest.

Drizzle this syrup over the cake. YUM!

Lemon syrup and yogurt Gluten



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