Gluten Free Eggless Fresh Strawberry Cake

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Gluten Free Eggless Strawberry Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Eggless Fresh Strawberry Cake

Gluten Free Eggless Fresh Strawberry Cake:

This cake is a celebration of two things, Firstly, the fresh strawberries, of course, and secondly, the fact that even eggless cakes made with very stubborn glutenfree flours can be fluffy and flavourful. Now that calls for a celebration, right?

You can make the cake simply by just mixing all the ingredients and baking them but I like to also make a strawberry jam that goes on top of the cake after you have baked the cake. Sounds great, isn’t?

So let’s begin by making the strawberry jam. Now, this is a no brainer recipe, do not worry if you have less or more strawberries, the more the merrier but should you have fewer berries that is ok too. By less I mean 7-8, anything more than this number is a bonus.


Make the strawberry marmalade:


Prep: 2-5 minutes

Cooking: 6-7 minutes



Strawberry: 250 gms  (chopped into chunks)

Icing  sugar or any powder sugar: 1/2 cup (If you want more sweet then feel free to add more sugar. Adjust according to what you like)



1. In a pan on the stove, add the chopped strawberries, and the sugar.

2. Let them cook on low heat, you would see the berries have become soft and the sugar has melted and coated the berries. When the berries start to look more like a marmalade, then you know it is ready.


Make the cake:



Glutenfree all-purpose flour (maida): 1 cup

Almond flour: 1/2 cup (if you don’t wanna use the almond flour then add 1/2 more cup of the GF all-purpose  flour)

Brown Sugar (preferably): 1 cup

Vegetable oil: 1/2 cup (i used canola, you can use any refined oil)

Yogurt: 1  cup

Baking Powder: 1 teaspoon

Baking Soda: 1/2 teaspoon

Vanilla (optional): a few drops

Milk: 1/3 cup

Sliced strawberry: 4-5



1. In a big bowl, add the flours and the baking powder.

2. In another bowl, take the yogurt, sprinkle baking soda on it and let them foam up. Keep this aside. (If you don’t want to use soda, then it is ok too. Just make sure you whisk the yogurt well so that it becomes very light. Also, you need yogurt and not homemade Dahi)

3. In the 3rd bowl, whisk together oil and sugar. Make sure they become light and pasty.

4. Pour the yogurt mixture into the sugar/oil bowl and mix them nicely.

5. To this bowl, add the flours. Do not dunk them all at once, mix them in batches. Ideally 3 batches.

6. Do not use a whisk at this point, make sure you fold the flours gently into the mixture. Over mixing will make your cake flat. So be gentle.

7. Transfer it to a baking pan, make sure you coat the pan with butter or oil. Decorate the cake with sliced strawberry pieces.

8. Bake this in a preheated oven @180C for 40 minutes. Again the time may vary from one oven to another. So after 30 minutes, I suggest you keep an eye.

9. Take the cake out, let this cool down PROPERLY, on a cooling rack.

10. Apply the strawberry marmalade that you made generously over the cake. But do this after the marmalade and the cake has both cooled down properly.

11. Time to Serve. YUM  YUM YUM!


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  1. mani

    I made this and it turned out very well. Thanks for the recipe,

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